Organization Pet Peeves and Other Bugaboos

It really bugs me when…

I was reminded when we were giving a Pixie Talk with the Cleveland Browns at their practice facility, (we didn’t lose! a bittersweet tie, but we’ll take it) that not all Organic Freedoms are as messy as me. In fact, plenty of us have pet peeves about others’ cleanliness. So there! One of our participants identified with being an Organic Freedom, but was conflicted because she needs to have her kitchen clean at the end of the day or her soul feels untethered. (Right, who else but an Organic Freedom would say that?)

I can’t stand it when people eat in my bed and then don’t clean up the crumbs. Now I’m sure my Classic sister’s answer to this would be to, um, not let children eat in my bed. And yeah, I know. But I’ve done my best on that front and I’ve given up. Within a couple of years it won’t be a problem anymore and I’ll be happy to remember those crumby times and maybe not so sad now that I don’t have to clean out my sheets every night before I arrange the pillows.

I could probably write about three pages of all my pet peeves and bugaboos. No matter what your type, everyone has them, and they really don’t have a lot to do with personality type. At the end of the day, PixieType is just something to help you identify who you are so you can avoid all the wasted organizing techniques that will most likely not work for you.

Whether your kitchen is clean at the end of the day is up to you. I love it when mine is, I mean who doesn’t? But not enough to actually do it every day. And perfectly tidy Classics? My sister has a habit of leaving water glasses everywhere. It’s pretty minor, but everyone does things that bug other people.  I know, it’s like disgusting right?


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