Dear K&K: Loved hearing you on NPR, and to hear about personality based organization. My sister and I were just talking about how difficult it is to organize and create systems to stay organized. Recently, I’ve realized how stressful it is for me not to able to control clutter in all aspects of my life. I’ve recently started a new job, for which I work out of my house, hence why I’ve been more aware of wasted time trying to get organized.

Of course, my job doesn’t generate enough income to be able to hire an organization consultant. However, I feel that having a good organization system would make me more productive, and generate more income and satisfaction with time. Looking forward to some words of wisdom. Sincerely: Interested in Illinois

Dear Interested: Well, technically the best bang for your buck would be to buy our book, Organize Your Way. BUT, you can also go on our website and take our quiz for free, then read about your type and some of our tips for each type.

The two things that are integral to making systems work no matter what your personality type: (1) Room to grow!! Set up a system that has room to grow, i.e., leave empty space and/or bins. Clutter always multiples over time. If a system fits your clutter after a purge, we can guarantee it’ll eventually overflow out of control one day. (2) Reduce organizing systems as close to one step as you can. Fewer steps mean easier, which translates to more adherence. The definition of what’s easy depends on who you are. If you’re an Organic Freedom it means setting up a coat rack instead of expecting yourself to hang up all your coats on hangers. It means taking off the lid of a hamper to make it easier to dump clothes in there and not on top of a lid.

Hope that helps!!

All our best,

Katie & Kelly

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