As cliche as this may sound, your bedroom really should be your oasis. It’s where you go to restore yourself with sleep and relaxation. We know that it can sometimes double as a home office which can turn it into a very stressful place, instead of where you want to retire after a long day. This is especially true for a creative, energetic ENTP who is usually up late coming up with new and creative ideas or solutions. But we want to help you reclaim this space for its original purpose! Here are some of the best ways an ENTP can achieve their perfect bedroom.

All About ENTP’s (Pixie Type: Smart Freedom)

All About ENTP’s

As most of you know, the Myers-Briggs system was integral in our creation of the four pixie types. There are 16 different Myers Briggs personality types, all identified by different letter combinations. These letters are E/I, S/N, T/F, and J/P. They stand for Extraversion versus Introversion, Sensing versus Intuition, Thinking versus Feeling and Judging versus Perceiving.

ENTP stands for Extroversion, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving. Traits of ENTP personality types are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Quick Thinking
  • Original
  • Charismatic
  • Energetic
  • Difficulty Focusing
  • Argumentative

ENTP’s prefer to understand and experience life rather than control and structure it, so you don’t live your life through routines and calendars. You need to see things to know where they are, so you tend to have piles of paper and stuff around, there’s just not as much rhyme or reason to them. You are always coming up with brilliant and creative ideas, seemingly out of nowhere, that have the potential to change the world or, at a minimum, are really unique and different.

The ENTP’s Bedroom

Purge and Donate: The first thing you’ll want to do is get your closet in order, and this starts with a good ol’ fashion purge! One of the toughest things about purging clothes and accessories is finding the inspiration or motivation to do it in the first place (it’s not the most fun thing to do, so who can blame you?) The best way to get an ENTP to do something they don’t want to do is by setting a hard and fast deadline. So, make a deadline for yourself by scheduling a clothing pickup with Salvation Army. This is also a good idea since it will prevent you from leaving donation boxes lingering in your house. If you don’t have a salvation army near you, or can’t schedule a pick up, then just pack them up in trash bags or bins and put them in your car so they’re ready to go and not taking up space in the bedroom. Going forward, keep a small donation bin in your car, so you can dump things from smaller purges whenever you randomly pass by a clothing-donation container.

Hang (Almost) Everything

Hang (Almost) Everything: When you’re done clearing out your closet, hang all your remaining pieces up. This includes the things that most people keep in drawers (think t-shirts, jeans, shorts etc.) The only items you should keep in your drawers should be socks, underwear, and loungewear. This is mandatory because ENTP’s are notorious for their visual memories! Seeing everything means you will never lose things in the back of your closet. This may seem like a pain but look at it this way, hanging things is much faster than folding them and putting them in drawers.

Because this storage method is going to require A LOT of hanging space, try to double hang your closet. We recommend using the Huggable Hangers by Joe Mangano. Clothes don’t fall off and they’re slim but sturdy enough to hold ladies suit jackets. Cheap, always on the QVC website in more vibrant colors than The Container Store offers.

Keep Shoes on Shelves and the Floor: No matter your personality, our natural M.O is to kick shoes off as soon as you walk into your home. But shoes need a proper home on shoe shelves. Chances are you wear the same ones a lot, so shoe shelves are only for gently used shoes like heels and formal shoes, and seasonal types of footwear like summer sandals and winter boots. When you get home at the end of the day, toss your shoes on your closet floor instead of leaving them next to the door to be tripped on.

Your Bedroom is Not a Home Office!

Your Bedroom is Not a Home Office: A home office in this room is a major don’t for ENTP’s no matter how much you want it. It’s got disaster written all over it. Plus, you can work anywhere so we’re pretty confident you can find another room in the house to work from. Who wants to think about work or stare at a messy pile of paper when trying to relax in bed? Nobody. Not even you, ENTP.  

Not an ENTP but still need help getting your bedroom in order? You can purchase our book on Amazon here.

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