How Each Personality Type Should Keep Track of Their Keys

Everyone, no matter their personality type, has lost track of their keys at one point or another (it happens to the best of us!). But there are a couple types who are more prone to misplacing their keys than others. Here are the best ways each type can keep track of their keys so you’ll never have to call your best friend, neighbor, or housemate for backup again!



Classic Structures and Classic Freedoms are more outwardly organized than other types. They tend to keep calendars, write out their “To Do” lists, and have home offices where they keep their mail sorted and their bills in ‘paid’ and ‘unpaid’ labeled inbox bins. Of the two types of Classics, Classic Structures are more traditionally organized than Classic Freedoms, yet both tend to be routine-oriented creatures who run on a schedule. The best way for Classics to keep track of their keys is to keep them in the same place every single time they come home. Preferably on some type of hook in their entryway. If they make it a habit to always put their keys in the same place they won’t ever lose track of them.



Fun Structures are actually extremely organized naturally. If given the proper tools, they will use them — or make up organizational solutions themselves! This is because they are detail oriented people naturally skilled at decision-making in the moment. They are practical and pragmatic and excel at decluttering. Fun Freedoms on the other hand are a bit more loose and dependent on inspiration when it comes to getting things done. Because Funs are naturally organized, they don’t have to worry about losing their keys deep within a cluttered purse or gym bag. The best way for people with this personality type to keep track of their keys is to add fun keychains or rubber caps to each key. Because Fun Types gravitate towards color coding, they can and should customize individual keys with a fun design or pattern at their local hardware store. That way they will never fumble with their keys trying to figure out which one opens what lock.


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Smart Structures value their time and keep track of it well in the form of e-calendars, day planners, or personal assistants. Smart Freedoms have a much looser sense of real-time events and things, and instead have a brilliant skill of big-picture thinking. Being the visionaries that they are, Smart Freedoms are often so consumed by this big picture that they miss the seemingly mundane and petty details of how to get to that big picture in the first place. Smarts in general are big thinkers and strategists who like to focus on the bigger picture — often people for whom organizational habits around the house are irrelevant. Smart Freedoms are one of the personality types most likely to lose their keys! In their case, they will have to get a bit more innovative than the other types when it comes to keeping track of their keys. First, they should attach a tiny GPS tracker to their keys that pairs with a smartphone. This way they will always know where they left their keys. If that doesn’t work try eliminating the keys all together and use a door lock with a keypad! Just don’t forget the combination.


If any type is going to have an issue keeping track of their keys, it’s Organics as they are less traditionally organized than the other types. They need to see things to remember them. In general, they tend to make piles, so all they really need is something to help contain said piles. That, in itself, will be victory over half of their battles. They also like things to be out in the open. So we encourage open storage for this type. Though Organic Structures tend to be more routine-oriented and practical (they organize things pretty efficiently) they still need things to be out in the open to keep them straight. Much like Smart Freedoms, Organic Freedoms are also notorious for misplacing their keys. Because Organics prefer their things to be out in the open, it is best to place a bowl in the entryway of their home to store keys. Any additional steps (like a hook or a keypad) will be a step too many for these free-spirited personality types. Keep it simple, and keep it open.

These are only a handful of ideas, but they will help you keep better track of your keys so you’’ll never be left fumbling around trying to find them again. For more information on the different personality types and how each one should get organized, check out our book!

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