John Cena holding black Glad Garbage bags
I hope John Cena is doing this Pixie Pandemic Project

Holy Schnikes! What just happened?? I take a short break to rejigger PixiesDidIt and then the world falls apart. Or rather it FEELS like the world fell apart. So, pandemic organization silver lining #1 is that all organization styles can easily part with a TON of things right now. The best part about this initial Pixie Pandemic Project idea is that it’s easy. In fact, it’s not even a project that was me grasping for clever alliteration. Regardless, if you do the “project”, when this lockdown is over, you’ll find yourself a little freer and a little less stressed. Read on to find out how.

Pandemic Organization Silver Lining #1

We all save things just in case life as we know it ends. Guess what? It ended. Whatever it is you have saved — and likely it’s quite a few things — if you haven’t used it by now in these circumstances, you’re NEVER going to use it. Short of a nuclear winter, this is as close to the world as we know it ending. There’s peace and clarity in knowing that you’ve faced one of your worst fears and still didn’t use something you were holding on to “just in case”. You can let go now.

First, Notice Things Around The House

I’ve noticed not matter what your organization style those “just in case” items abound around us at all times. Now that many of us are all stuck at home, we have more time here to notice things that you never use. That’s it. That’s the Pixie Pandemic Project: Notice things. Even if you’re an essential worker, this is an easy exercise to do right now and cathartic. You don’t have to immediately do anything really. As you go about your day when you’re home, notice things that you are not using or don’t even fall in the neighborhood of might use in a (hopefully) once in a lifetime pandemic. Unless they’re part of your decor, why in the world are these items in your home?? These are the low hanging fruit that is hard to see in normal times. Now? Well, they jump out at you more easily because you realize they truly serve no purpose, not even “just in case”.

Second, Grab a Garbage Bag

Try to get a black garbage bag. They’re like black holes because things go in there and never come out. But, any bag will do and keep it at the ready — although out of site if you’re a Classic or a Fun. Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, grab a useless item that you’ve noticed and put it in there. If you’re a Classic, go to town because this part of the exercise is ALWAYS easier for your organization style. During this “project”, if the bag of (technically) garbage is annoying someone else in your household, put it in a closet. Take it out whenever you have the energy to put something you that you noticed in there. When this lockdown is over, donate the bag or trash it — depending on what’s in there. You’ll find yourself a little freer and a little less stressed for just having looked around your house and noticed things. The best part about this project is it isn’t some massive chore because frankly most of us don’t have the time or energy to do one right now.

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