Dear K&K: My wife hates having plans on the weekend. I think she’s a Fun. I’m a Classic and I need to know what the weekend plan is at least a day in advance. I’ve told her repeatedly that I don’t enjoy our spontaneous plans like she does but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to get her to give me a little advance warning? Signed: Planner in Plainesville.

Dear Planner: We’ve NO idea how to get Funs to plan. Ha! How’s that for helpful advice? It’s just not in their nature and she’s not likely to change. Likewise, you’re not likely to change. Pardon our french on the daily planner we featured in this photo but it’s how almost ALL Classics operate. HOWEVER, there are a few things you could do to ameloriate your situation and be happier.

First starters, put some automatic reminders in her phone. Now, you’re scratching your head, thinking, “Automatic reminder for what?” Elementary, my dear Watson! Reminders to tell you weekend plans on a Thursday. Or simply, more simple put, to share “ideas” she’s having for the weekend. Alternatively, you could do the same and set up reminders for yourself to ask her in advance of the weekend. This is assuming it’s not something you do regularly already. Chances are there will be nothing definitive when you two chat. But, often Classics are so relieved to know possible advance plans that you’ll be happier having Plan A, Plan B and Plan C in your head than no idea whatsoever. Finally, read this PixieTip on how to better plan your days. You’ll like it. We swear.  Happy Planning! Katie & Kelly

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