So yeah, I wouldn’t immediately think, shredding scissors for stocking stuffers, but it’s not actually something that you’d relish buying yourself. At least I wouldn’t. Frankly, just the idea of that extra step of cutting up my mail makes me exhausted. Isn’t it enough that I throw it away?!

Okay but, y’know I’m not going to be getting an actual shredder, and I certainly don’t want one near my front door, so this is the small solution, it’s cheap, useful, and it makes sense that my ever practical Classic sister would make this suggestion. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t just buy it herself, but hey I don’t have to take a hint more than once! Kelly says: What’s so wrong with giving someone a USEFUL gift??

So, go ahead and get this for all those folks in your life who don’t have a shredder, even the poor lazy slobs like me whose identities are probably being stolen, right this moment, as I write. Ooh, or get them this stampy thing that obscures your name and address instead. Feels like more fun.

Finally, go ahead and check out The Container Store for some other practical stuff for stockings. There’s even stuff that kids will like. There’s even some, gasp, NON-practical, kind of cool stuff.