Deck the Halls: Top Product Recommendations for Christmas Decor Organization

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In case you missed it, the holiday season is officially here, making spirits bright! What doesn’t feel so joyful is the thought of having to put away the Christmas cheer adorning mantels and Christmas trees in most homes. More often than not, as you pulled out those decoration boxes to hang the stockings over the fireplace with care, came an eye roll or shutter at the thought of having to put away all those adorable Santa figurines, tinsel and evergreen scented candles.

Luckily, we’ve curated a list of products that will help you create a Christmas wonderland of organization, so you never have to dread the thought of decorating for the holidays again!!

1. Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas quite like a sparkling Christmas tree. Opt for a pre-lit artificial tree that’s easy to assemble, and creates no mess. Bonus points for trees that come with a storage bag for easy packing post-holiday. NOW is the time to grab a tree for NEXT holiday season as they are often on sale

2. Ornament Storage Boxes

Keep your baubles, tinsel, and ornaments safe and untangled with compartmentalized ornament storage boxes. These boxes not only protect your decorations, but also make unpacking and repacking a breeze. 

3. Wrapping Paper Organizer

A wrapping paper organizer keeps all of your gift wrapping supplies in one place. Look for one that has compartments for ribbons, bows, tags, and scissors as well. Pro tip: Buy your tape now so it’s all ready to go next year when you sit down to wrap those presents! 

4. Holiday Storage Bins

Consider investing in holiday-themed storage bins – think red or green lids. They can store anything from decorations to wrapping supplies and can be stacked neatly, saving space. Pro tip: Make sure they are clear so you can easily see what’s inside without opening each box.

Additional Tips for Organization Christmas Decor:

  • Create a designated storage area for all your holiday decorations to avoid clutter and make unpacking and repacking easier.
  • Label all boxes and containers used for storing decorations, making it easier to find specific bins.
  • Invest in a tree storage bag for your artificial Christmas tree. This keeps it free from dust and prevents damage.

Remember, the key to a successful, stress-free holiday season is organization. With these product recommendations, you’re well on your way to creating a festive, organized, and cheerful Christmas season! So deck the halls and spread some holiday cheer with these tried-and-true holiday organization tips. Happy Holidays!  

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