This cute outfit?? Already stained, ruined & at Goodwill.

Dear K & K: I keep important kids clothes like my kids’ home from the hospital outfits and first holiday outfits, but in general, should you keep your kids other clothes once they’ve outgrown them? Signed: Classic in Cleveland

Dear Classic in Cleveland: Yes and no. Kelly (also a Classic like you) has a few guidelines when it comes to keeping kids clothes. Remember, they will not likely be worn again so don’t go crazy.

Kelly recommends one or two iconic shirts or pants when/if they occur. For example, her middle son’s Lightning McQueen shirt that he wears 2x a week will get saved. Then she keeps anything truly classic that isn’t ruined or stained. By classic she means something so well made that it will stand the test of three decades. Finally, she keeps handmade items. It sounds like she keeps a LOT but you’d be surprised at how rough kids and laundry machines are on clothes. Only a few survive.

For those personality types who find the above list too restrictive, at a minimum, limit yourself to one example per category. For example, don’t save a bunch of onesies, save one per child (MAXIMUM) and pick the best one. Happy Purging! All our best, Katie & Kelly

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