Save Time and Make Any Messy Bed Look Neat

Crane-Canopy-BeddingI know we’ve already written about personality type and messy beds, but because I’m the kind that tends to have a messy looking bed even when I DO make it, I needed to share this new bedding company’s miraculous new duvet cover that makes it look like you have a top sheet even if you don’t. While this is probably going to appeal to any type that likes the crisp look of the bed pictured on the left, it’s especially helpful for those of us, um more messy types — Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms — because we don’t have to do any of that exhausting two step process of making sure the top sheet is straight and then pulling it down and making sure it looks good, etc., because you know we aren’t going to spend the time.

But even practical types like Classics, Funs, Organic Structures and Smart Structures are going to like this product because it saves time and everyone wants to save time these days. And let me tell you it does! And it always looks this good when I make my bed! I waited to tell you about it until I had actually tried the product. There’s a zipper right underneath the green stripe there and it’s also great because I’ve always found that the buttons at the bottom of duvet covers come off faster than a bunny rabbit in Spring. The quality is good, the duvet is incredibly soft and comfortable and it’s reasonably priced. Not Target cheap, but not an arm and a leg either. Plus they have very modern and hip designs, plus more traditional ones. I’m in love with it. Besides my electric blanket it was my favorite Christmas present!

So now every personality type can have a neat and made bed in just the quick flick of your wrists. And nope we’re not getting any promo money for them. Check it out at Crane and Canopy.

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