Dear K&K: My husband can’t stand how I leave piles of paper on my bedside table. But, it’s where I like to do my leftover work reading after dinner. Eye roll. It’s like one pile of paper. He says bedroom clutter stresses him out and he wants the bedroom to be a place where he can relax. Do you have any suggestions to resolve our standoff?? Many thanks: Reading in Reading

Dear Reading: Ever wonder why a luxury hotel room is so relaxing when you first open the door? It’s because someone has put thought into every inch of the decor AND your pile of work reading isn’t hanging out there! That being said, old habits die hard. Therefore, the chances of you changing your reading routine are slim to none.

Now, the first step to a clutter “free ” bedroom is to get a nightstand with a cubby. One of our Organic Structure clients hides her nightstand clutter from her Classic husband’s view with one of these; it’s both open and hidden at the same time. Finally, the second step is to make sure everything else in the bedroom has a purpose and is beautiful. Hope that helps cool down tensions! All our best, Katie & Kelly

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