It’s little things that make the difference in people’s life, so for this Mother’s Day forget the trinkets and flowers and get mom something that will make a big difference in her life. With services, it’s not so much what you do for your mother but what gets done for her.

Help extend your mom’s life by getting her a gym membership. Most gyms offer more than just state of the art machines that can get your mom in awesome shape. They also have great classes like yoga and pilates. This will get mom looking great plus there’s the long term benefits — lower blood pressure etc. It’s the gift that says, “I love you so much, I want you around for at least another decade.” Another idea is to get her an hour with a personal trainer at her gym if she doesn’t already use one. It’s a splurge and it’ll help her take getting in shape to the next level.

Looking to go a different route? Nothing will make your mom’s life easier than arranging a house keeper to come every two weeks. You’ll be giving mom the gift of not having to get down and dirty cleaning but also give her a little more free time. is a great website to find any service in any neighborhood. Already has a cleaning lady? Buy her a membership for Angie’s List so she can check out her service providers when she ends up needing something done. We like Angie’s List because users grade the providers. Our tip from earlier this week,, also seems to have these types of services too.