It’s harder to classify Smarts into a fashion niche. Classics are so very classic and preppy, Organics so hippy dippy and Boho, Funs a bit adventurous and definitely colorful and funky, but what to do with our logical Smarts? While they are big picture connective thinkers, style wise they are going to be conservative, grounded and lean towards Classic styles. Unless they are in charge of some section of the fashion world, as we suspect Ms. Anna Wintour to be, wherein they might have expensive, edgier clothes.

And in Zappos world? We think Smarts might even flock harder towards Zappos’ Classic personality type than even the Classics would. Classic style is easy, logical, and socially accepted, not to mention pretty easy to coordinate and maintain. This frees Smarts up to focus on bigger picture things like strategizing. Unless a Smart cares about fashion they are not going to bother thinking outside the box. Zappos’ Classic personality type outfits are business oriented so I can see the working Smart being drawn towards them immediately. Plus some of them are pretty fierce fashion wise. In general, though, when it comes to style, Smarts and Classics go hand in hand. Smarts might have a few more daring pieces, but by and large they stick with what makes sense.

And while Smarts could and do take some of the preppy style that Zappos calls Casual Chic, I think they would leave the super bright Lilly Pulitzer type stuff alone and stick with the less colorful stuff like the outfit to the right. So when it comes to Zappos and Smarts we recommend Classic and Casual Chic.