Dear Katie & Kelly: Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I realized my spices are a disaster. What’s the best way to organize them? Signed: Spicy in Sarasota

Dear Spicy: Our favorite way to organize them is in a large shallow drawer with an expandable spice rack as pictured here. You open the drawer and instantly almost all of your spices are at your fingertips. The next best thing is to store them on the inside of pantry or cabinet doors on mounted spice racks. Barring these two possibilities, then good ‘ol Lazy Susans are the way to go. We prefer a bunch of smaller ones, 8-10 inches in diameter, versus larger ones because it makes it easier to find the spices in the middle. In this solution, it almost goes without saying but … taller bottles go on the inside, shorter ones along the circumference. Happy Cooking: Katie & Kelly

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