plastic grocery bag
Plastic Grocery Bag OVERFLOW!!

Dear K&K: I’m about to lose my mind with plastic grocery bags. I keep a small container in our kitchen to house extra bags for use around the house. When it fills up, my husband ignores that it’s full and continues to add bags. Then, I’m stuck with plastic grocery bag overflow. I feel badly throwing them out but it drives me insane. Please help, Pixies! Exasperated in Edgemont. 

Dear Exasperated: Plastic grocery bags are the bane of my existence for a multitude of reasons. We have actually written about this topic in a previous blog post titled Trashy Habits. Kelly’s husband is about as annoying as yours when it comes to bag hoarding.

In a perfect world, you should have reusable grocery bags on hand. The problem is sometimes we all pop into a shop without one. The easiest solution I have is declining plastic grocery bags when I can put things in my purse. The next easiest solution is asking if they have a paper bag as they’re easier to recycle and break down more easily. Last but not least, tons of stores recycle plastic grocery bags. This link will take you to a website where you pop in your zip code and it tells you the nearest place that has recycling bins for plastic grocery bags. Best of luck to you! Katie & Kelly

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