Nothing beats handwritten notes

Dear K&K: Is it okay to send e-mail Christmas thank you notes these days? Or do you still have to handwrite them? Sincerely: Etiquette in Erie

Dear Etiquette: We think, in most circumstances, you can send e-mail thank you notes these days. This is true whether it’s for a gift or a dinner party. Any acknowledgement is better than none at all. Please also remember that if a person begs you not to send one, they usually mean it. It’s there way of politely saying, “If you send one, I’ll have to send one and I REALLY don’t want to do so!” That being said, most people always appreciate a handwritten note more than an email.

First of all, everyone enjoys getting mail that isn’t a bill, catalog, or advertisement. Second, and more importantly, when something takes you more time to execute, people appreciate it more. Finally, someone’s handwriting is a piece of them. It’s something you might treasure one day. The photo above is of a recipe for Swedish meatballs from my friend, Diane. She was like a second mother to me and gave it to me for my wedding. Every time I read the note at the bottom, it’s like she and I are having a conversation even though it’s been ten years since she died.

Kelly had a deja vu writing this reply. We’ve had more to say on this subject in the past! To read about it, click here. And if you wish people would just stop writing them then you’ll love this post of ours. Happy Christmas! Katie & Kelly 

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