Photo of MushroomsUsually the Pixies’ mom, the Queen Fairy, makes this for an enormous crowd at Thanksgiving, so maybe 3 – 4 loaves of bread, 2 large sweet onions, stick of butter, chicken stock and 2 cartons of mushrooms which makes about a pound of stuffing.

QF is an Organic Structure and as such, she usually cooks from recipes. This is because remembering the details is a challenge for all Organics & Smarts. Even things she has made for 40 years, she dutifully gets out the recipe card and follows it. Smart Structures (as well as Classics) follow the same protocol. Organic Freedom and Smart Freedoms have similar trouble with details, but because they are more flexible in dealing with the moment, they can more confidently throw something together on the fly.

But this recipe is not like the QF type at all. It’s something that Fun types, with their attention to detail and adaptability, are more apt to create. But every type push their natural preferences and she made up the mushroom stuffing by experimenting (over time and not on T-day when a Fun might try this) with things that she knew she liked — her mushroom pie with marjoram and thyme and her mom’s stuffing of butter, bread and onion.

She uses both white and whole wheat bread in a bid for healthier stuffing. She tried all whole wheat once and it was too dense. She also uses both butter and broth. Her mother and grandmother would have used all butter. So.

Directions: Tear bread up into small bits, set aside. Chop up mushrooms and onions (QF minces in a Cuisinart – be careful not to purée) and sauté in a stick of butter. When soft, add the torn bread pieces and then marjoram, thyme, salt and pepper (all to taste) and enough chicken broth to moisten all the bread. And voila! Queen Fairy Mushroom Stuffing. Can be made a day ahead and then reheated.

BEST FOR FUNS (and those that love to wing it in the kitchen!)