How to Make a Bed: The Easy Way

Top view of white linen or double sleeping set with pillows, duvet, sheet and pillowslip. Man, I’m just tired LOOKING at how many items need to go on this bed.

A lot of people have a dirty secret. They don’t make their beds every day without fail. Often it’s folks living alone or people with compliant spouses. I get it. It’s time-consuming if you do it the perfectionist Martha Stewart way! I joke that I know someone’s personality type immediately if they admit this secret to me — Organic Freedom or Smart Freedom. But, this isn’t absolute. Lots of people can learn how to make a bed, the easy way.

When Radio Red’s Podcast had me as a guest a few weeks back, Radio Red blew me away when she said that even though she’s an Organic Freedom, she makes her bed every day. But then she started describing how she did it and I thought, “Of course! She followed our 1-Step Rule”. There and then, I created an idea in my head for this post. How to Make a Bed: the Easy Way! Radio Red made a sometimes complicated task much simpler and therefore more do-able every day.

No Top Sheet

A top sheet isn’t necessary. After watching my preteen son (likely an Organic or Smart Freedom) struggle making his bed, I found that the top sheet is the biggest bed-making impediment. The top sheet often winds its way to the bottom of the bed. This reality makes what could be an almost 1-Step task into a 3-5 Step task. So, I suggest that you eliminate the top sheet. Instead, get a duvet and a duvet cover. If you already have a bunch of top sheets then take them to your local dry cleaner/tailor. They can fashion a duvet out of two top sheets.

It should go without saying that if I’m suggesting no top sheet then I am also suggesting no coverlet or throw blanket either. If you insist on a throw blanket, that’s fine. BUT it shouldn’t have to be neatly folded at the end of the bed like a 5-star hotel. I do that as a Classic but I’m willing every day to do these extra 3-5 Steps. This isn’t so for every personality type. Plus, a throw blanket should by definition not be amiss even if you throw it into position.

Limit Number of Pillows

After top sheets, I think pillows are the next biggest impediment. I am guilty of having too many pillows on my bed. Over time, I’ve eliminated some of them. But if I’m honest, I winnowed them down to six. I have two sleeping pillows for my husband and me. Then, I have two pillows to buttress our backs when reading in bed. Finally, I have two “boudoir” pillows which are small and technically useless beyond matching my bedskirt.

As a Classic, I’m willing day in and day out to add those two extra steps of placing two useless tiny pillows on my bed. This is not so for everyone. Therefore, I would eliminate any pillow you don’t use or doesn’t bring you enough joy to add those extra daily steps. Obviously, if you can get away with two pillows on a queen or a double bed that would be ideal. Technically one pillow with a bottom sheet and a duvet is the ideal, easiest bed to make. But this might look sad on a big bed so I’d limit that combo to a single bed.

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