Image of Wire LabelsDear K&K: Any tips on the best way to untangle messy wires? Signed: Tied Up in Topeka

Dear Tied Up: There are two steps to decluttering wires. The first is obviously detangling the wires and while doing so, figuring out what is what. The second step is to wrangle the wires with twist ties to prevent future tangling — it just happens again — and labeling them during this process. Often, I detangle, label, and then wrangle. Now, one might argue that this is a 3 or 4-step process. I’d probably say you’re right but, “I want to read an article titled 4-steps to organized wires & cords!” said nobody EVER. Everything is a sales job, people, everything.

Now, in a hurry, use zip ties you have on hand and skip the labeling process. I’d suggest this for Organics and Smarts. It’s a lot better than doing nothing. If you don’t have zip ties on hand then buy these zip ties WITH labels on them. You just write on them with a Sharpie. We like these for Organics and Smarts because it eliminates an annoying detail that isn’t always necessary.

But, Classics and Funs, our advice is to label the wires. You guys will truly appreciate having labeled wires. Seriously, it’ll give you peace of mind. We recommend buying colored labels to do this versus doing a jury-rig situation using construction tape. Us Classics and Funs always default to a jury-rig situation. In a pinch, no problem. But these are not meant to be permanent solutions. It’s always harder than we think to write on a roll of tape! You can get label kits for cheap on amazon. AND these ones are colorful which is something that you guys will enjoy, especially if these tags are visible at all. Happy Untangling! Katie & Kelly

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