Oops Vomit Absorber & Deodorizer Is Awesome!

Dear K & K: My wife mentioned you did a PixieTip on covering up throw up odors. We had a road trip situation. Any help is appreciated. We’ll “Amazon Prime” whatever you recommend to the place where we are staying. Thanks! Signed: Stuck in a Car with Vomit

Dear Stuck in a Car: Ah the joys of traveling with children. For fresh throw up — we realize this is an oxymoron but you get the drift — we recommend Ooops Vomit and Smelly Liquid Absorbent and Deodorizer as it makes clean-up as painless as possible and works. You pour it on the vomit, the product absorbs the grossness and then you tidily sweep it up with a mini broom & dustpan. If you don’t have a mini broom, a snow brush will work in a pinch & you’ll have less clutter in your car. For dried or lingering vomit, we recommend Nature’s Miracle. We both keep gallon size at home. But, there are smaller bottles you could keep in your car at all times. When cleaning, soak the area for a good ten minutes in Nature’s Miracle and then soak it up with paper towels.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell readers about our other vomit car smell cure. Our best friend, KatieEbner, turned us on to it a year or so ago: Hospital grade barf bags. Keep a few in the car at all times. If your kid starts to feel car sick, hand them one to hold by their face. The bags seal up! Therefore, you’re not stuck in a vomit car for what feels like eternity before the next gas station. Happy Trails! Katie & Kelly

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