We Know What You Did Last November.

You know who you are … because we asked you for your source. But you know we’re just jealous that we don’t have the time and planning skills to follow through. Everyone has at least one friend (like ours) who shames us all with her hand-made beautiful cards. And while you might think they’re a typical craft loving super planner like a Classic (y’know those Martha Stewart types) chances are they’re Organic Structures and Smart Structures.

Even though Funs and Classics are more prone to crafts, Funs will misjudge the time it takes to handcraft cards. Unless Classics have a small list they’ll probably decide it’s an impractical waste of time when there’s so much else to do. (And yes, many Organic Freedoms can and do craft their own cards, even if it takes till Valentine’s Day to finish.)

Organic Structures and Smart Structures usually have a unique vision and because they’re so good at planning, they’ll be able to check it off their list in time to get the cards out by the middle of the month. December that is. And actually it’s probably just the Organic Structures who will do this as the logic of creating home made cards for a very long list might not make sense for a Smart to take on during holiday time (instead they’ll go for a super cool card that says “wow” without having made it themselves).

 Winter Skaters You probably have a local source (one of our Smarts goes to the momastore.org to buy his), but for you other types who are inspired to go all Organic Structure this season, or just need a good craft source that isn’t Michaels, check out Paper-Source.com