Why Organizing Systems Are The Key to Happiness

Why Organizing Systems Are The Key to Happiness

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The key to happiness is having organizing systems that enable you to get it all done without worry, screw-ups, or extra steps. What’s the right organizational system? There isn’t one. There’s the one that works for you. You know it’s the one for you when you can easily retrieve things when you need them without stressing out. This means physical objects or events in your day. Even if this system isn’t the norm, if it works, don’t mess with it.

I’m 100% percent aware that the title of today’s blog makes me sound like the most boring person on the planet. I technically am, according to my husband. This is because the two things I can talk about for hours on end are (1) the enormous productivity that one gains by using the right organizational systems and (2) laissez-faire banking and currency. The former I’ll bore you with today but if you’re interested in the latter, send me an email because it’s kind of on trend right now with Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra. Actually, I lied. I also can talk about Cleveland Browns history for hours on end and even manage to bore massive sports fans like my husband.

Wait, What Exactly Is An Organizing System?

Organizing systems can be immense (Electronic Calendar incorporating an entire office) sometimes. Other times, they can be small (your grocery list). Whether you know it or not, you’ve got dozens of them in place. Some of them are working and some of them not so much. I know this because otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to take several steps to read this blog. When all of your organizing systems are humming along that’s the key to happiness. Sure it helps when other aspects in your life are going well — work, family, good friends, love, etc. But, if you wake up to make coffee at 5am, only to discover that you’re out, it’s going to ruin your morning whether you love your job or family.

I used coffee as an example because it’s part of many people’s morning wake-up system. It’s also a kitchen staple so it’s existence, or lack thereof, is part of your kitchen replenishment system. When you start to examine your world, home, office, car, calendar, etc., you’ll start to see all of these organizing systems that help you — or sometimes hinder — everyday. My kitchen system involves writing the staple “Coffee” on my grocery list when I’m down to one can. I do this with every staple and instruct anyone interacting regularly with my pantry that when we are low on something that’s when to put it on the grocery list. This way, we never run out of things in a pinch. Mistakes happen but are rare enough not to ever stress me out.

Other systems I have are a daily To Do list, lunch packing system, laundry system, long term planning system, kitchen management system, etc. I also use a ton of To Go bags that are pre-packed as parts of myriad other systems — travel systems, after-school pick-up system. I put things in place and then build habits around them that work to make my life easier and me happy. That’s how you build yours.

How to Find The Right System for You

First, figure out what systems you already have in place. Next, ask yourself if there is a way to improve any of them. Are there simple steps to add or subtract? For example, do you really have to unpack your entire suitcase or are there things you could leave in there for the next trip that require you to do less steps to pack for your next trip. Once you’ve evaluated your systems, you’ll instantly see which ones are lacking and which ones are amazing. It’s kind of magical. But, then I’m a Pixie so our advice can be that way sometimes.What’s more whenever there is a screw-up, instead of beating yourself up, look at your systems. Ask yourself what part of the system failed and fix that bit. No need to throw out the entire kit and caboodle, just refine it.

Final Word

Remember, systems that work for you can be “crazy” or “weird”. My sister and Sir Richard Branson’s system to remember something when they don’t have their daily notebook on their person is to write it on their hand. To me that’s weird but to them, it works. If I want to work out early in the morning, I sometimes sleep in my comfiest workout clothes. I admit that it IS weird but it works. I discovered that system when I was little and needed more sleep, so I removed the 20 minutes it took me in the morning to get dressed and miraculously found more sleep and time. And that my dear friends, is why organizational systems are the key to happiness.

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