Dear K & K: I fear I’m a hoarder. I’m an Organic Structure. I know where things are. It’s just that there’s so much of it and truthfully there are probably places that I don’t actually know what’s in there. I am just so busy with work and family that I don’t have the extra time to deal with things. Signed: Feeling Hopeless in Phoenix

Dear Feeling Hopeless: You’re NOT a hoarder. You’re a busy, Organic! PLEASE don’t give up hope. Here is why. First, you sound insanely busy. Give yourself a break. Second, you’re an Organic and therefore it’s a little harder to part with physical possessions. Remember though, harder doesn’t mean impossible. Third, as an Organic Structure, you’re good at scheduling. But, we bet you’re scheduling everything you need to get done for work and family and not the house. Start scheduling time in your week or month to get de-cluttering and organizing done in the house.

The other half of the battle is coming up with an attack plan. Obviously, we’re going to recommend starting by reading our book. Schedule time to do so in your planner — you need a planner if you’re an Organic Structure. It’s essential for you. Next start dreaming of what you want each room in your house to look like. Then set aside time to develop a step by step plan for each room.

Start with your Entryway. Do an archaeological dig on what’s there right now. From this dig, figure out the categories of what will likely always need to live in this area. Then remove everything in this area into a make-shift Later Box (even if it’s just out of sight in a different room). Then gradually add back what you think is missing, even decor items. Make sure there’s an inbox for everyone in your household somewhere nearby and that the homes for everything are large enough for what comes in and out of the house daily. Stuff will always find it’s way into your home. The trick is to make sure you’re ready for it.

Remember, you’re not a hoarder, you actively want to get rid of things. Once you do, you’ll realize why we have so much faith in you. Finally, we’re always available for consults — wait was that a shameless plug? 😉 Hope that helps. All our best, Katie & Kelly

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