Dear K & K: I’m exhausted. I’m the mother of four children and I seem to spend my life doing laundry. My mother-in-law says that I’m OCD and I cause my own problems by washing towels everyday and changing sheets every few days but I can’t stand the idea of my kids sleeping in filth. Signed: Exhausted in Edmonton

Dear Exhausted: Sometimes you are who you are. We doubt you’re OCD but likely an intense Classic. But as us Pixies always say, “No Shame, No Blame.” We’ve got a few ideas. Here they are in order of ease for you:

  1. Get a housekeeper who will do laundry for you.
  2. Send out some of your laundry to a local Wash Club.
  3. Teach your eldest kids how to do their own laundry
  4. Wash towels every other day and sheets once a week (seriously, most people you know don’t even do it THIS frequently)

Ironically, you will notice that us telling you to CHANGE was listed as the HARDEST course of action. It will be even if it’s technically the cheapest and easiest option since it involves nothing besides inaction. Happy Laundry-ing! Katie & Kelly

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