You’re “Shoulding” All over Yourself!

Holidays are about tradition and no matter what your type, you get used to a way of doing holiday traditions until things change — ah, the ironic one certainty in life. When Kate, an Organic Freedom, first started decorating an entire house for the holidays, she felt compelled to do it all at once because this is how our mom, an Organic Structure, did it – so naturally she “should” do it this way too. But, it exhausted Kate, so now she does it her way. She calls it the “Advent Calendar” method because it involves putting up one piece of décor per day, i.e., garland for the staircase, garland around the front door, lights outside, etc. It’s the piecemeal approach and it’s great for people who like to get things done when they’re moved to do so (Funs, Smart Freedoms).

The rest of us probably prefer to get it all done at one time so we can check it off of our To-Do list (Classics, Organic Structure and Smart Structure). The two things we can do to make it easier on ourself is to think about whether each piece of décor is necessary, i.e., does it make me really happy to have it up? If the answer is no, then you won’t miss it. If someone else in your household insists on having it up then delegate — if it’s their job, they might just change their mind. But, if your answer is yes, then ask yourself if there is an easier way. Classics can often do things the hard way without thinking about whether our ideas make sense, are truly beautiful, or make us happy. 

Smarts will have the easiest time embracing our next idea which is — delegate the task to a professional. If you are in the NYC Tri-state area and have the cash, try Xmas Experts or for outdoor décor try Christmas Decor. Classics will recoil at the notion of ‘wasting’ good money (but remember Classics, your time is worth money even if you factor it at $0) and Organic Structures will likely not embrace the idea because they want their own special loving touch put into the decor.

Best for Smarts and Organic Freedoms