Can an ESFJ and ISTJ find organized bliss?

Here at Pixie’s Did It, we have created organizational style types based on the Meyer’s Briggs System. Using our quiz, you can identify your organizational type and find the perfect techniques to fit your style!

Today we’re exploring two classic organizational styles: Classic Freedom and Classic Structure. 

Classics feel best when they’re working toward a goal and work most efficiently in routines, and once our classic styles start a task, they get it done. Classics don’t relax much because they’re busy checking things off their to-do list. 

Although all classics have a lot in common, there are a few places they differ that may be the catalyst for organizational confrontations!

All About ESFJ (Pixie Type: Classic Freedom)

ESFJs are great at making others feel safe and cared for. They often open their homes to others and find joy in bringing communities together. ESFJ personality types are:

  • Kind
  • Loyal 
  • Outgoing
  • Practical
  • Dependable

Classic Freedoms are quintessential homemakers. They’re tidy, punctual, warm, and efficient! 

They are organized, but it’s based on their logic, and their logic only. 

When decluttering, they may find it hard to part with meaningful items, even if they don’t fit their current organizational philosophies – this is when clutter starts to pile up. 

All About ISTJ (Pixie Type: Classic Structure)

ISTJs are reliable and practical. They are able to stay grounded in stressful situations and have respect for structure and tradition. ISTJ personality types are:

  • Calm
  • Decisive
  • Honest
  • Independent

Classic Structures do well in a routine. They are punctual, tidy, friendly, and logical decision-makers. They believe in fairness but tend to put logic ahead of people when solving problems. 

However, when they get overwhelmed, their systems suffer. Items get shoved into overfilled closets and piles start to build up if there’s no room on their to-do list to add de-cluttering! 

Tips for making it work between an ESFJ and ISTJ 

A big issue for these two roomies may be overscheduling. In both cases, once their schedule is full, organizational structures fall apart. 

Try and schedule a weekly or monthly decluttering session – no rescheduling! They don’t have to be together, but if both parties take the time to tidy up, everything will still have its place. 

The Classic Freedom in the home may also take issue with the organizational design choices of their Classic Structure partner (i.e. sometimes their choices are a bit too practical looking). 

When purchasing new organizational items, be sure to get the others’ approval. A Classic Freedom isn’t going to enjoy looking at wire shelves in the living room. A cabinet or wooden shelves can solve the same organizational need with a bit more style. 

You can find organized bliss with your partner! Check out our book for more tips on finding the perfect organizational solutions for every room in your home. 

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