Can an INFJ and ENTP agree on a method of organization?

Did you know that everyone has an organizational style type? Here at Pixies Did It we created a quiz based on the Myer’s Briggs System. The quiz was created to help you identify your organizational type and find the perfect systems and processes to fit your style. 

When people have two different organizational styles, sometimes it’s challenging to keep a home up to the cleanliness standards of both parties. Today, we’re exploring the compatibility of Organic Structure (INFJ) v. Smart Freedom (ENTP). 

All About Pixie Type Organic Structure (INFJ)

Organic Structures LOVE a pile. Stacks on stacks. However, their piles make sense to themselves while other people’s piles are apparently a mess. Organic Structures enjoy schedules and routines and are able to see the beauty in their own chaos. 

Organic Structures are the rarest personality type of all. As natural introverts, they often have lofty goals and are regularly seeking out their purpose in life. 

Organic Structures are: 

  • Compassionate
  • Considerate
  • Determined
  • Idealistic

All About Pixie Type Smart Freedom (ENTP)

Smart Freedoms love to experience life rather than structure it. You won’t find a Smart Freedom with a planner or do-to list. They’re often jotting down big-picture ideas and avoiding any rigid routines. You’ll also find Smart Freedoms with lots of piles, almost egregiously so. 

Smart Freedoms are not afraid to speak their mind. They are known for their sense of humor and quick wit though they aren’t foreign to hurting people’s feelings due to their humor. 

Smart Freedoms are:

  • Extroverted
  • Energetic
  • Charismatic
  • Intuitive

Tips for making it work between an Organic Structure and Smart Freedom

The good news is that both personality types are able to stay organized when they can see everything, so to create harmony, consider:

  • Taking the doors off cabinets.
  • Buying clear containers. 
  • Using open shelves. 

These small changes will help you find a place for everything without constantly forgetting what’s inside drawers and cabinets. 

The bad news is that Organic Structures and Smart Freedoms often end up with too much stuff for various reasons. Busy schedules, sentimental value, etc. Since both these personalities love to make piles, you may find your home turns into a maze of piles. 

Finding the time to go through your items and purge what you do not need or use will help keep things under control. The Organic Structure will have to be in the driver’s seat to get this project started & finished since many Smart Freedoms will procrastinate this type of activity until the cows come home.

Since INFJs and ENTPs have different confrontational qualities, it’s important to have an upfront conversation about communication expectations. It can be easy for the Smart Freedom to take over due to their personality type, but Organic Structures have great ideas too! 

Organizational bliss isn’t a long shot for these two. With the right systems in place, your home will feel warm and cozy, AND neat. 

If you need extra organizational tips, check out our book for step-by-step organization instructions for each room in your home.

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