INFPs & ENFPs and ISTPs & ESTPs Can Live in Organizational Harmony

Everyone has an organizational style type – so much so that here at PixiesDidIt we created a quiz based on the Myer’s Briggs System. Understanding your organizational style type will help you find systems and processes that help you keep your space tidy. 

Similar to personality types, each person’s organizational style is different. Living with someone with a different definition of what it means to be organized can cause some trouble. Today let’s take a look at how Organic Freedoms (INFP) and Fun Structures (ESTP) can find organizational bliss!

All About Pixie Type Organic Freedom (INFP/ENFP)

Ohhhh our Organic organizers. A sentimental bunch, who love piles and tchotchkes, but have a process that works for them. Organiza Freedoms appreciate the grandiose beauty of an English garden – the low-maintenance upkeep but consistent beauty of it all. They thrive on routines and benefit from consistent electronic reminders when there’s something new on their plate.. 

Organic Freedoms often look at the bigger picture at the expense of seeing details. So they can sometimes not realize just how messy a room is. They aren’t great at making decisions but are incredibly loyal to those they love. Some personality traits include: 

  • Empathetic
  • Open-Minded
  • Passionate
  • Idealistic  

All About Pixie Type Fun Structure (ISTPs/ESTP)

The Fun organizational type likely thinks this stuff is….dare we say, bullsh**? They’re adventurous and easygoing, yet grounded in reality. They see the details so they see the mess even if an Organic Freedom doesn’t. It’s likely the areas of your home you love are meticulously organized, while the other areas are kind of a mess.  

Fun Structures are likely to have a risky lifestyle. They are blunt and outgoing. They are happy to jump into new experiences and learn as they go. Some personality traits include: 

  • Rational
  • Sociable
  • Direct
  • Perceptive

Tips for Organizational Bliss

Fun Structures and Organiza Freedoms are very different, but that doesn’t mean they cannot live in harmony! Both of these organizational types are great at getting things done in the moment. They can be spontaneous. They don’t need a set schedule, and love a flexible routine. In order to set everyone up for success, create open and visible organizational systems. Clear containers, open shelving, and organized piles are likely your best bet at keeping chaos at bay. 

The key difference between these two personalities is likely how they approach conflict. Fun Structures are a lot more direct than the more empathetic Organic Freedoms. Keep the lines of communication open. Fun Structures should be mindful of not being too overbearing and giving the Organic Freedom in your life some space to share as well. 

If you need extra organizational tips, check out our book, “Organize Your Way” for step-by-step organization instructions for each room in your home. Happy organizing!

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