PixieType 101: Are you a Classic Pixie, a Fun Pixie, a Smart Pixie, or an Organic Pixie?

Wondering what a PixieType is? Let’s address this burning question. Discovering your PixieType can reimagine your organizational future.

Understanding your personality type brings so many benefits to your life! It helps you adapt your organizational approach to match your unique disposition. Whether you’re a fan of structure or prefer a little chaos, knowing your PixieType empowers you to create systems that work for you and keep you committed. So cool, right? Then there’s the added bonus of getting to tell judgemental folks in your life about why your organizational systems work for you and it doesn’t matter if they don’t like them! 

What truly sets our PixieType categorization apart is the research behind it. As professional organizers, we’ve studied people’s organizational habits and have used this research —plus our knowledge as trained Myers Briggs practitioners — to develop four overarching PixieTypes.

Let’s dig into these PixieTypes. {Note: If you haven’t taken our PixieType quiz, now is the time!!}

THE CLASSIC PIXIE: Traditional, Organized

As you may have inferred, Classic Pixies are your typical Type A’s. While they might often be labeled as “OCD”, this PixieType tends to be the most reliable one, starts what they finish and prides themselves on getting things done. Structure and organization are the lifeblood of a Classic Pixie.

THE FUN PIXIE: Adventurous, Practical

Yes, the fun ones! Our Fun Pixies are hands-on learners, who enjoy getting lost in the moment. The details are flexible and timelines are fluid, but things get done – in their own time. As creative problem-solvers (and occasional rule-breakers), there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to organizational style, as they don’t like being put into a box!

THE ORGANIC PIXIE: Idealistic, Creative

Organics have one main goal – to help. Often deemed idealists, personal growth and relationships are of the utmost importance. Authenticity of itself is an achievement above any other ambition. When it comes to organization, the focus is on what makes the lives of others easier. They tend to organize in piles. Each PixieType breaks down into two types but it’s important to mention it upfront with Organics because some are incredibly structured and others are more flexible and fluid.

THE SMART PIXIE: Inventive, Clever

Master delegators, who are analytical and driven. Smarts are the architects of change in the world, who see how big the picture actually is. The details aren’t nearly as important, but the standard of excellence is. Organizational structure is vital, especially if other people are figuring it out.  Each PixieType breaks down into two types but it’s important to mention it upfront with Smarts because some are incredibly structured and others are more flexible and fluid.

Knowing your organizational personality or ‘PixieType’ is key to boosting productivity and finding peace of mind. Whether you identify as the detail-oriented Classic Pixie, the imaginative Fun Pixie, the compassionate Organic Pixie, or the strategic Smart Pixie, recognizing your unique organizational style empowers you to design systems that align with your strengths and preferences. So, let your PixieType shine and unlock a more organized, fulfilling, and balanced life. It’s time to sprinkle some organizational magic! ✨🧚‍♀️

Are you ready to take your Pixie knowledge to the next level? Grab a copy of our book and get ready to embrace your inner Pixie!

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